Hedras Ramos is a young Guitar Prodigy, born in Guatemala City in 1992. Hedras is taking the world by storm with his furious shred and future-jazz stylings, bringing the instrument to an entirely new level.

With Atoms & Space his debut album with guests such as (Andy James, Jennifer Batten), Followed by The Impressionist in 2017 where Plini and Martin Miller appeared as guests, Anup Sastry on Drums and Simon Grove on Bass recorded the whole album, he’s the man behind the Guitars of the latest Heavy Metal album (The Omens of Death) of iconic Hollywood star, Sir Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dracula, Star Wars and 280+ movies),his own version of (2 of his songs) in the popular game Rock Band Games and nearly 20 endorsements from great companies from America, Europe and Asia, Hedras definitively has pushed the boundaries for an artists of such a young age, and he’s only warming up!

By the end of 2017 Hedras made his big move to the United States while living in LA Hedras performed with Steve Vai at Musicians Institute.

After many years of Collaboration with Cort Guitars Hedras helped in the creative process for the Models X700 Duality and Mutility, making these guitars his main instruments. The evolution of this process led to the upgrade of Fishman Fluence Pickups on Duality and Mutility models.

In 2020 Hedras released his third album Pagans, being this one his heaviest work including songs like Innate Behaviour and Pagans, in this album Japanese virtuoso Bass player Ayumu recorded Bass and Anup sastry recorded Drums.

In 2022 Hedras released his 4th album titled “Angels” this one being a creative exploration of guitar mixed with Trap, EDM and Reggaeton.

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